Collection: Vins

Our collection trobareu petite liquid joys coming from Catalan wineries that are very much in favor of our heart. They are small, passionate producers who are dedicated to sharing love, respecting the land and expressing the unique character of the seva reigned in each vial. From the Alt Empordà to the Terra Alta, passing through Penedès and the Priorat, we discovered this wealth through the sea.

Here you will find wines for all tastes: fresh and aromatic whites, fresh and fruity roses, deep and complex reds. I do not forget our incredible sparkling wines! (Parlem de cava, friends!) Every one of them has been triat to more both cure and coneixement, because volem that when he opened a vial of our collection, experienced all the passion and dedication that he has given.

So in the end, choose the one that most criticized us, and the travel guide! Remember, here it is not just about buying a vial of wine, but rather sharing the experience, the story and the love that each producer has put into their creation. If you have questions or need guidance, we are here to help you. Greetings, and gauge of your journey through the vineyards of Catalonia!