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Blanc de Seré

Blanc de Seré

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Blanc de Serè is more than a wine, it is a convert to nature. Prenguem, for example, our friend the Serè, a fresh wind from the north-west that visits during the winter to Vallbona de les Monges and the entire inland area. Així with this vent, our Blanc de Serè is fresh and dry.

It will be around this time, in 1989, that L'Olivera will decide to donate a bigger country, going from being winegrowers to becoming producers. Here we are going to begin our new adventure of seeing, so much so that the cycle of the vinya has captured in a vial the entire essence of the landscape of the Vall del Corb, together with our illusion of starting a new project.

The Blanc de Serè is a barreja of youth and complexion. A vi that desitgem followed fresh and alive, but al mateix temps ple de matisos and expressions. This is what gives life to our initial intuitions, which in fact go towards believing that the countries we cultivate and inhabit can threaten to give them the possibility of making great wines.

With the Blanc de Serè, famous historical root varietals such as Macabeu, Parellada and Garnatxa Blanca. Every drop of this wine is a clear reflection of the inland Mediterranean landscape, this special region that, thanks to the high altitude and the effect of the marinade, allows a slow maturation of the root. The result is a perfect balance between alcoholic strength and acidity.

Our wine provides wines located in different municipalities of the Valls del Riu Corb subzone of the DO Costers del Segre. The landscape of these vineyards is marked by dry stone walls that delimit and preserve the fertility of the soil, as well as promoting water efficiency.

The Blanc de Serè is formatted by Macabeu (86%), Parellada (5%), Garnatxa Blanca (3%), Malvasia (2%), Chardonnay (2%) and Xarel·lo (2%). All crops grown under organic farming and contribute to more.

Vinification is carried out at controlled temperature in stainless steel vats, with periodic remenat of the wines. This is the fruit of a research process that has been going on for more than 30 years. Bottling is progressively made in small batches, according to demand.

Hello! The gaudeix of the journey that Blanc de Serè invites you to experience.

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