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EAST DROPS Tonka Old Fashioned

EAST DROPS Tonka Old Fashioned

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You will love the sophistication of the Tonka Old Fashioned from EAST DROPS. This sumptuó cocktail is a masterful composition of the chill of Brandy, the pain of tonka and the distinct touch of a classic cocktail, all prepared for delight.

Each glop is a tribute to the art of mixology, with a perfect combination of flavors that will delight the most demanding palates. But the real attraction of Tonka Old Fashioned from EAST DROPS is its convenience. You can't be an expert bartender or have any specialties. You simply have to work, serve and lead.

Made in Barcelona, ​​Tonka Old Fashioned by EAST DROPS transports the elegance of a bar cocktail to the comfort of your own tea. Gaudiràs d'un Tonka Old Fashioned reimagines the need to sort out from home, thanks to EAST DROPS.

Each vial serves 6 to 8 cocktails.

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