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Nosso: A 100% Natural and Authentic Verdejo

Nosso: A 100% Natural and Authentic Verdejo

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The essence of the Spanish wine tradition encapsulated in a vial. Nosso, from the Menade winery, is a unique blanc that is produced with the minimum possible intervention. It is made from a single-varietal Verdejo, perfectly balanced, in which the varietal aromas stand out. A 100% natural wine, a Verdejo with els d'abans.

The Nosso brand is proud of its designation of origin IGP Castilla y León, and in 2022, with an alcoholic content of 13%, it is an excellent example of the one that it ruled for production. With a limited production of only 6,000 vials, each one is a testimony of the authentic expression of the terroir.

Here I saw it shines with a groc pale color with greenish tones. At the end, it offers an intense floral aroma, creamy, with lactic notes. It is subtle, elegant, and brings to mind the first day of the verema: terra humida, most, raïm, naturalitat. On the palate, it is very varietal, unctuous, with volume, elegant and balanced, and finishes with a slight bitterness.

The vi Nosso comes from Finca Menade, located in Rueda, on the terraces of the Duero River, at an altitude of 734 meters. The region benefits from the clay-limestone and stony suns, richly adorned with rocky slopes, and the continental climate of the region.

The vi is produced according to totally natural methods, with a manual verema without the use of chemical intervention cap. Vinification is carried out spontaneously in stainless steel tanks with their own wine cellars, at a temperature that ranges between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius. The malolactic fermentation is produced naturally, followed by transfer. He sailed for 5 months over the six seas.

After bottling, it clarifies with bentonite and stabilizes naturally with the fred. Subsequently, it is filtered with natural cellulose. It is recommended to serve this vi at a temperature between 7 and 10 degrees Celsius and can be consumed by the end of 2025 if preserved in optimal conditions.

Vi Nosso is perfectly paired with aperitius, tapes, fish and seafood, turning any moment into a memorable experience. Gaudeix of the magic of wine with Nosso, an authentic homage to Verdejo.

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